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how does an agent/broker list propery for sale?


Donna, that is an EXCELLENT question! Before you select a Real Estate agent to list your property for sale you should question them on at least 4 things. 1. How do they determine market value for your home, not just what they estimate it to be 2. What do they do to promote your home (and have them differentiate between "advertising" and "marketing") 3. What is their track record for selling homes in your market area (and have them provide proof) 4. How long have they been selling Real Estate FULL TIME. To be successful (and there are those "lucky" stories out there) you deserve the attention and benefit of a full-time, professional practitioner who takes their job, and your most substantial investment, seriously to increase your chance for success and maximize your return.Hope that helps!

What is the meaning of "Equity Sale"?


in Florida, we refer to an equity sale as one in which the seller has sufficient equity in their property to negotiate in good faith, satisfy all encumbrances and convey clear title without the aid or assistance of their lender or third party approval OR a situation where the seller is actually willing to bring money to close on the transaction. The benefit of an "equity sale" is that once the transaction is negotiated between the parties there should be no unusual delays to get to closing.