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Magdalena Lybolt wrote:

You can now post to Craigslist from Zillow

Good and Bad.  Great exposure but with it comes headaches from scammers. 
August 25 2011

If i don't close before the date on my purchase agreement, will I have to pay a fee for an addendum?

You will not have to pay for an addendum, nor will you have to pay for an amendment or any documents for that matter, but this may cause an inconvenience and they may request a change in terms and may involve money.  So, you are looking to create an Amendment to change the closing date on the agreed to purchase agreement.  This extension on the closing date is quite typical in most real estate transactions, however it all depends on how flexible and compliant the sellers are to your request.  Again, this may involve your realtor in negotiations to smooth out any hiccups this change of date may create.  Good luck!
August 25 2011