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Does the Purchase Price of the house need to be added for non-structure upgrades?


It is a 30 year, fixed, conventional loan. I have the 20% plus down etc. My bank was fine with my suggestion of asking the builder to put non-structural items on a seperate purchase order however, the builder's accountant's view this as unethical.For example, if I purchase a washing machine and dryer from the builder the home price/value increases. If I were to purchase these types of items from a third party vendor of course the price/value of the home is not affected.The loan has been and will remain $170,000. I am paying for these items out of pocket or i.e. greater down payment.I am mostly concerned what the effect of property taxes will be. The way I calculate it I can save ~$100.00 per year if the price/value is lower.Any help to understand the rules is appreciated.