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I am writing regarding Zillow valuations for Highland Park, TX 75205.


I so agree!!!! it should be mandatory,,but then you have the very very skewed level of property taxes when compared to other states.No corporate taxes and CAN DO business is great...but then the politicians come after these higher end homes asking for blood with property taxes...It's a mixed bag of fruit ..Like everything else!We all just need to have our network strong and work together to get it done..If the realtor communities would work closely these Fisbos...AND not hold listings to make the sale on both sides it would benefit all of us...On and Up...!

I am writing regarding Zillow valuations for Highland Park, TX 75205.


good luck davidZillow is strictly a giant set of raw data calcualtions...that is why every savvy investor TAKES THEIR NO.S WITH GRAIN OF SALT. Zillow is unaware  if a home sold for lot value only next is unaware if an entirely NEW home has been gutted and replaced the old!!! It is very very off..unless the homes have been stagnant..unchanged for 5 years, plus..sorrywelcome to one of the industires biggest problems w buyers who only know "too much" and base their numbers on Zillow!!ughbestDo your comps and argur w honest comps to buyers..the smart ones will get it! the others will ens up on a lot that is low prices and in worse location and deal w their inappropriate choice when they too..go to resale!