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What is a good time frame to relist my home ?


Choosing the perfect time to sell is tricky and there are sales differences in difference parts of the country due to weather which can have an impact.The market HAS picked up in volume but so far inventory in my area has not decreased significantly so it's still a matter of being on the market, showing exceptionally well and being priced right.  If you are serious about selling and have answered the question "am I ready to move right now if I got an offer", and the answer is yes, then now is the time to list.  The rule is, if you aren't on the market, you will NOT sell your home.  Get a professional Realtor to help guide you in every direction.The very best to you!

Why is my home valued less than smaller homes in my neighborhood?


There are many many factors that come into play when valueing a home.  Yes, the overal square footage matters as does the number of bedrooms, baths, 2 living areas. Something as what appears to be minor like a 1/2 bath versus a 3/4 bath, makes a difference in value.  But, mostly, today, it's updates and ammenities.  If the kitchen has been updated or if the baths have been updated; these things will add the biggest increase to any home's value.  Too, lot size can come into play.  If the lots are of different sizes, the larger lot (or view lot) will add value to the one and not the other. Whoever has provided you with a value should be able to specifically identify all those areas that affected - both plus and minus - it's value AND be able to identify why your neighbor's homes are valued higher.Hoping this helps.

For sale by owner question


Selling your own home CAN be that simple and if to a relative, even more so.  What becomes important is the future.  Exactly because the buyer is a relative, I assume you want everything to go well now and in the future. A Title/escrow Company will be essential to you in making certain all legal avenues are addresses.  They won't be able to help you with things like inspections, requested repairs, home warranties, etc.  Too, In my State, there are approximately 53 different purchase documents that are specifically designed to keep both buyer and seller protected.  Title/escrow companies don't have access to all of these documents as they are available only to Realtors.  This is one of the reasons a Realtor is important in a transaction.  Protection to both buyer and seller to avoid unpleasant feelings or law suits, later, is critical to the 'peach' especially in a family environment.  Most Realtors will address, prepare and administer only the paperwork side of a transaction for a flat fee.  Try asking a Realtor that you know if they might be willing complete only the paperwork for a fee.  You won't regret it 5 years from now when the roof might leak. The best to you.

Buying a house with cash.


Dear user6463001,A cash purchase can be advantageous and not.  Typically, a seller will look long and hard at a cash offer, even if on the low side, if it's cash so it just might improve your negotiating position.A cash purchase will allow the buyer to be mortgage free, if that's a concern based on a fixed income.Other financial positions, like the 'need' for income tax deductions - especially in this greatly reduced market - makes a mortgage very attractive.In summary,  it's good and not so good based on your personal financial needs and wants.Hoping this helps.

As a seller, when do you walk away from a sale?


Dear Geebus,It might just be time to walk away from this buyer.  If you have the time and the money to allow for another Spring offer.  It would be my suggestion to do so.  While it is always important to attempt to entertain and accomodate every offer, sometimes there are just too many concessions asked of sellers and at some point, the cost of these concessions no longer makes the transaction reasonable.  Hoping this helps.  Good Luck