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Mike Hill wrote:

How do we do a purchase agreement and title transfer when selling our house ourself?

1. Use a Real Estate Attorney to handle Seller's side of the Purchase Agreement and Title Transfer. - Safest, Attorney Fees involved.2. Use a Real Estate Agent (Listing Agent) - Safest, Your Agent has your best interest, this is what they do, Agent's commission negotiable.3. Use Buyer's Purchase Agreement  prepared by Buyer's Agent - Safe, but not best for you because Buyer's Agent has Buyer's best interest not yours, Commission to Buyer's Agent to be Negotiated.4. Use Title Company to handle Title Transfer - Safe, this is what they do.5. Use forms and tools found on the internet - Maybe Safe/Maybe Not. You get what you pay for. Do you really want to risk the legalities of the sale of your home that way?
April 28 2012