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Overstated MIP on GFE for streamline refinance...


Thanks everyone for the information and great advice!  I am getting a few more quotes to confirm I'm getting the best rate & GFE etc.I'm a little paranoid and my desire is to have an accurate (or close to accurate) GFE.  Since my original closing date was in Sept '08 I feel the MIP should have been correct.  It would be extremely unlikely that my endorsement date would be 8 months after closing.I called the FHA hotline and they verified my endorsement date in 5 mins so I'm extremely skeptical...

Overstated MIP on GFE for streamline refinance...

Hi,I am trying to do a FHA streamline refinance with a bank.  I just received my GFE and the lender listed my MIP as $3,526 which is incorrect as my loan closed on 9/30/08 and I'm sure was endorsed prior to May 2009.The issue that I have is that he won't redisclose or change the GFE.  He says that the higher upfront MIP must remain until the bank can verify my endorsement date which won't occur until next week after I sign the application documents and pay a $399 app fee.Does this sound reasonable?  I feel that I shouldn't sign anything until this is correct but realize that the settlement can change once loan is processed.  I was burned with a bad GFE when originally purchasing my home and don't want to go through this again.  Details of my loan are below.  Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give.Initial Loan Amount:  $201,500Loan: 30 yr. FixedRate: 4.75% (641 score)Initial monthly + mortgage insurance: $1,251Origination: $1,214Credit: -$5,289Charges for Settlement:  Total $7,769MIP: $3,526Title: $1,144Escrow: $2,229Other: ~$870Total Settlement:  $3,694