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should i lower my price to the bottom dollar/


It would depend on your price range if you lower your price to your bottom dollar have you left room for negotiations? What about paying for buyers closing costs? You should discuss with your REALTOR your area norms.

What can I expect when buying a REO with a USDA loan?


I wouldn't be worried about it USDA guidelines will dictate what they will accept as far as repairs needed. Make sure that you find an amazing agent that can guide you through otherwise you may pay for an appraisal that is unnecessary because you wouldn't get a loan on the property because off the repairs.

At closing ( Feb.this year ) we were given credit for 2013 taxes.


Unfortunately Indiana is a year behind in taxes. Depending on when the bank repossess the homestead credit may or may not fall off. The agent would not be aware of when the homestead is removed. With most repo homes they have you fill out a form that states that all taxes paid that are owed and due are final. The bank has no way to know what the bill will be either,

Sell His/hers and Mine..

Best Answer

Short sale hers and then when you purchase you would have to purchase in your name since she already has a foreclosure it really isn't going to ruin her credit any more than it already is and she may be able to negotiate to have the balance written off.

How do I figure closing costs


In Indiana we don't generally use attorneys for a transaction . That being said just have your agent counter back the 54000 and see what they do but be prepared to possibly lose the property if someone else comes in with a higher offer. Just decide if you are willing to lose for  2000 more dollars. 

how much should I offer for a house selling for $142,000


Your agent should be able to give you comps and give you direction on the home. If you do not have an agent get one that will look out for your best interest. The selling agent has to look out for the sellers best interest. 

How to secure a loan for a foreclosure?


That will take cash and the foreclosure amount is 218472.41 before fees and interest that will be added to it. Generally the bank bids the amount that is owed and it goes up from there. In addition a lot of times the home is removed from auction if the consumer is trying to work out something with the bank. I have seen up to 30 percent of the auctions removed some times. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me as I am in the Valparaiso area and have dealt with a ton of foreclosures.

What do you do.....


I have had this happen usually it is with a job change when they did verification or bounced checks on the final review, credit score drop on the final pull. One was an employment verification that was sent back incorrect the day before close (it was eventually fixed 3 days later).

How difficult is it to purchase a HUD home?


The agent can call the asset management company for an update. Generally HUD is pretty quick. Although they still take offers during the counter process. Look on the website and see if the home is still listed there.