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how is the neighborhood


I bought 2 houses in Providence,  3 years ago.I think that this area (Henry St)  is OK; you need to ideally spend a couple of hours, and talk to some immediate neighbors, because Providence neighborhoods can vary in quality of life in  just 2-3 blocks...For example: I live oon Tenth Street in Providence, on the Pawtucket town line, on the "east side". Just two - 3 blocks from me (South Main Street)  is "not good" at night generally speaking - not dangerous, just that there's all kinds of traffic at night. But I live surrounded by a great, quite diverse community of people. My next door neighbors don't even lock their doors when they go to work (I think that;s going a little too far)Henry street's not too far from the water, which is a real plus. Good luck&best regards Tim