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What's the best way to add value to a home?


There is a never ending list of things you can do to improve your property value, but you also have to make sure the ROI make sense. Pouring 10's of thousands into a new roof or new sewer line, can you really get that money back from the selling price? The cheapest, best ROI things you can do:- Paint (inside and out), keep it neutral and light. A fresh paint can do wonders to your curb-appeal, and make the inside look grand and new- Clean, the bathroom and kitchen must be spotless, these are the deal maker/breaker of a home- De-clutter, remove everything you haven't used in awhile, keep the counters and tables cleared- Stage, hire home staging professionals, or at least watch lot of HGTV and do your best, remove personal photos, magnets on the fridge, excessive religious decors, etc... presentation is everything!

Should I leave carpet in place or replace with a laminated wood flooring product?


We stage a lot of homes in the peninsula/south bay area, in the pricer neighborhood, we see a lot of clients ripe out the dated carpets and install hardwood floor for the clean look. however in the more affordable markets, you might not be able to recover the cost of re-flooring, so it really is a question that depends on a lot of variables.In general, more buyers prefer the hardwood/laminate over carpets... but also keep in mind, the cheapest thing you can do to increase your house's appeal is painting! keep it simple and neutral, you can't go wrong...