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When looking in a subdivision looks as though there may be a vacant lot. How do you find out?


There may be a better way but this will work to search on Zillow if the property is for sale.1. Make sure you have the city pulled up that the land is in.2. Uncheck all of the search boxes except Lots/Land3. Cick the map to zoom in and click and drag the map to the area that the land is in. (If you have an address of an adjacent property that will be more helpful.)If the property is not listed for sale or you have trouble finding the information you can always find out who the owner is by researching the address in tax records. (google is a great way to look for addresses). A Realtor could help you find the type of property you are looking for.Jodi

How do I make an offer on a listing on


Any Realtor such as myself could assist you in doing due diligence in researching this property and make the right contacts for you. If the property is in Tulsa or any suburb I can help you, if not I would be happy to find a colleague that suits the area you are looking.Jodi

Do square footage totals include garage?


Hello vpaman,Although the garage does bring value to a home buyer it can not be used in square footage. You will most likely see on your tax record the square footage and separately the garage's square footage. Some of the reasoning here is that the garage does not have HVAC or insulated and deemed hospitable.Hope this helps,Jodi