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Zestimate question

My house in the last 9 months has decreased 100k yet my next door neighbors house has increased 100k in the past 9 months, why would that happen?

Where are nearby running trails


these people are all wrong. plenty of great running trails on state conservation land throughout Madison. They are not runners.

House went on the market less than 30 days ago

but the zillow listing has 107 from the previous FSBO setting. Can this be changed? I think it looks bad. Would also like to clear out the old make me move settings, is that also possible? Thanks.

I am looking to down size

I am looking to down size, have a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath near Randi Drive.Large private lot, great for kids.3rd floor finished, alarm system, large family room over garage

Are you moving from madison?

i am looking for a smaller home and would you be interested in a larger home on a less busy road?