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short sales are quicker now

short sales are closing a lot quicker. However, the frustration come in when lien holders, such as Bank of America start short sales with brokers and then sell the loan leaving everyone including buyer/seller to start the entire process over.

Trying to manage a rental home for an out-of-state owner/friend.


Collect the fee for this up front made out to the credit company which you can find online. Fax it in and within minutes they will send you a fax or email with the report. Be sure to run a report for each adult or you could be in for an ugly surprise. Good luck!

What should I do if an agent is unethical?


Your buyer's agent should have their broker contact the other broker. In our state, if the agent does not respond in 24 hours we can call the seller directly. Many complaints can be filed depending on what state you are in.

Can I rent a home that is going into forclosure?


It varies by state with some having to honor reasonible leases and others evicting or paying tenants to move. It is best to contact a local area agent to find out the rules.

Foreign investor seeking advice


You quite a lot to do and the quickest way is to go to a real estate company that has a relationship with a good attorney/cpa. It should have an onsite property management company. Then the powers that be will easily handle everything! Good luck!