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why does freddie have 2yr guarantee and fannies does not

freddie mac reo,s seem to be in better shape then fannies?does any 1 know of a good buyer agent in NH?confused 1st time buyer who,prequalifies w/USDA and looking 4 a lil help i,ve been told buyer agents get paid from seller not buyer?any info appreciated

any know the best 1st offer for a reo property i here they can be had cheap but realtors still list


your serious? freddie mac or fannie mae will pay buyer and seller agent? and i pay no commision?i have a pre qualify meeting with USDA tomorro and 1st time buyers class sat any advice?it was listed 3months after repo by agent for 40,000 more then last sale in bad market so im guessing realtor is trying to pad commission,my plan is to offer 30% of list price to freddie mac and see how they respond

best offer for reo?

what is realistic offer for a reo from fannie mae or freddie mac?i hear 40-50% of assessed price this true?