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pburgner wrote:

Need help with removing sale price
I listed a home FSBO on zillow and changed the price within a few days of listing it, but now the first incorrect price is showing in the price history.  Since I raised the price, I'd like to remove this older price which was an accident as it will be confusing to people why the home went up in price and /or it will look like I'm flaky for changing the price.  It doesn't seem like I can remove this first price I listed in this history, but I know Zillow should be able to do this.. how do I contact someone in Zillow to help do this?  I can't find a contact # for anyone at Zillow anywhere!
March 06 2012
How do I format home description
How do I format the home description section?  It won't even accept returns to create new paragraphs making all my paragraphs run together in one long mess.  This looks awful and unprofessional.  It says html isn't allowed, but you'd think it would at least allow you to make separate paragraphs somehow... any advice would be much appreciated!
March 04 2012