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pearlct wrote:

What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-VMCYBFC

Yes, the amount is correct. Thanks for the tip, Nic.
September 26 2012
Looking for good rate on 25-year fixed 143k refi
Heya,We're looking to do a no cash-out refi for a 143k mortgage (currently at 5.8%), around 85% LTV, currently conventional non-FHA loan owned by Freddie Mac, currently no PMI. Probably qualifies for the Making Home Affordable refi program so we should be able to get a new loan without PMI as well. We're looking for a few competitive quotes to put the total monthly payment under 1k. (Annual insurance runs about $600, tax $1450.) This is for Colorado, Adams County. Credit scores are above 760.
March 07 2011