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Summer may be upon us in Michigan, finally
Looks like we may have just seen the last of the little white snow flakes! And, with any luck at all...We will be starting our spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a good way to keep up & do a quick check on our homes current condition. If your ready & able to get started, let's begin! 1. Do we have a build up of leaves and/or other debree in the gutters? (Anything in the gutter's will cause water in drain in other places, damage is then possible).. Let's discuss item #1. What will we need to check our gutter's? Any suggestion's?
April 29 2013
5505 Hinchey Rd, Howell, MI
Since this property has been on the market, I have received 100's of people that would love to purchase this home! I would even purchase this home at this price! But, just like all things that look to good to be true... It is one of those! It is to good to be true. The price that this home is showing up in with the listing is not for sale at $75,000.00, that price is for a 15 acre piece of the land. That is to be split off from the home that shows in the picture's. Now, if your looking for a nice vacant lot to build your new home.. this may be just the lot that your looking for..  The home should not be showing up, with the picture of the lot. The company that listed this property, needs to correct this. Last time I checked they have not yet made the change. Hopefully they will do so soon, as this looks very exciting to home buyer's!!
October 26 2012
Unclog Your Drain!! (Excellent Free Advise!)
Unclog your Drain the 3rd Grade Science Way. Save some money and stop pouring Chemicals down your drain by unclogging it using 3rd grade science! Who ever knew it would come in so handy?  Here are the step-by-step instructions:1. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda followed by 1/2 cup of vinegar down the clogged drain.2. Cover the drain with a wet cloth for 5 minutes.3. Remove the cloth and flush the drain with steaming-hot water.So go ahead and clean out that clogged drain without having to use chemicals.I will be back with more Advise & Tips for your home, Peggythebroker
August 28 2012
Why are home sales so high this year?
Every place I go, at least one or more person asks me the same question about the real estate market this year. WHY.. are home's on the market selling so fast? And, WHY... are their multi-offers on those property's??
June 26 2012
What does it cost to start looking for your new home?
Over the past months several new buyer's have asked me the same question. What does it cost to view a home that they are interested in possiblably purchasing? That answer is the start of a very easy process. The cost to view any new home is $0.00. The buyer's do NOT pay commission to their realtor's. It is the seller who is selling the property that pays the Realtor's Broker commission on the sale of any property. IF you do happen across a Realtor that is asking for money upfront before they take you out to view a property. Ask them what is this fee and what is it going towards?? But,most Good Realtor's do not ask for any fee up front. The Realtor is paid at closing by the listing company of the property you purchased? Hopefully, this has cleared up some of the confusion. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional real estate questions that I can help you with.
June 20 2012
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April 30 2012
I want to purchase a new home, but I had a foreclosure, what do I do?
A foreclosure or bankruptcy, does not mean you can never purchase a home again, what is does mean is you need to get on the right track and find out what options are avaialbe for you and when you will be ready to purchase that new home.
March 23 2012
Buying Verse's Renting,, What do I do??
Lately, sereral interested home renter's have asked me, Is renting the only choice we Have?  The answer is, NO. There are severaly other options available besides, renting.  Let's start with a few options.
March 23 2012

should I get an agent?

That does happen from time to time. In reference to the question's I answered today on Fox 2 news. Your first step in looking to purchase a new home is, to contact a realtor. Look for a realtor, that can help you purchase your new home. One that will take the time to help you clear up any negative credit you may have on your credit report. Then also if you have a had a bankrupty or any other negative credit issue's that need to be cleared up. Do not pick a realtor that charge's you a fee for this! No fee's should be charged, by the realtor of your choice. Next step... Is to start getting all your doc's in order to go forward when the time is right. Now just because you may not be abe to apply for a mortgage, we have several other program's that may work for you to own your own home. So, when you make the decision to start looking for your new home. Also, make the decision to find a good real estate agent that will put you on the right track toward's owning your own home,
March 21 2012

Where would I go to find names of questionable brokers and there ethics

Sorry when I do see a question such as this!  Upset's me that, yes there are some agent's who are in this class. But, as a whole most agent's and broker's in the market today. Have good ethics! The best way to find an agent that you are happy with, is to check out their referral's!! Past customer's are always the best source of information. Find a realtor that is aware of market condition's and know's what is going on in the area. My past customer's are the best advertising, that I could ever ask for!  When you do your job and do it great, your customer's will always give your name and number to friends and neighbor's whenever they are looking for a realtor! Keep your customer's happy and everyone will know what your ethic's are!
November 27 2011