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Written about Dave DuPont on 11/16/2011
Sold a home in 2011.

David was chosen to represent our property through Sothebys shortly after the economic downturn. It was a brand new modernist house in a less coveted area of Sausalito. Do to the price range it was in, the architectural decisions that were made, the location of the house and the time we went to market; it represented a significant challenge to any realtor. David was always willing to use funds to market the house appropriately, think differently in regards to strategy, and more often than not he showed the house personally--rather than handing it off to assistants. He was correct about the price we should have started at but was always willing to listen to our ideas. In short, David is the exact opposite of the lazy realtor, and will do just about anything to achieve a sale. It took a long time to sell our house with a lot of price adjustments (our fault for insisting on too high of a price) but David never gave up on the property. We finally did give up and took it off. The next week, David called us up and said "Give me one more shot. Based on the market trends, I know I will sell it this week." The reality is that he did. Not only did he sell it that week, but he sold it at a much higher price than we thought possible. If you want someone who is among the top realtors in Marin, who truly understands the market from a financial and market trends standpoint and is tenacious beyond reason, than you should choose David as your realtor.

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