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Why do double-ended sales only count as 1 sale

On my transaction history if I rep and buyer and seller on a transaction Zillow will only give you credit for 1 sale? Pretty much most other record keeping platforms I have ever used, including broker's own accounting counts a double ended sale as 2 sales. Anyone else think that is funky?

Basement sq. ft.


In California most basements are not included. I suppose it could even come down to your county and what their specific rules are. I would start local at the county level and move your way up from there if you feel the need. 

Vacation Rentals on Zillow

Does Zillow have a way to advertise vacation rentals which might rent on a per day basis rather than a per month schedule?I think that would be Grrrrrrrreat!

The girlfriend and I are looking to buy a home sometime in September.


Generally, most banks will lend you 51% worth of mortgage compared to your overall gross income. So, you both make $70,000 which is $5,833/mo. of income gross.51% of $5833 is $2975. This is how much Max, a bank would loan to you for mortgage. Today, It roughly costs you $700/mo. for every $100,000 you will borrow. So, you're looking at homes 215-250,000 range you can expect to need to qualify for $1750/ mo or so. Yes. You should be able to make this happen. Although your income maybe irrelevant until you get your score above the 620 range I believe. That should not be too hard to do.

Where is my agent app????

I have noticed sites like Trulia and others have a specific Agent app for managing leads, checking in to listings you are showing etc. Where is Zillow's agent app? I would love to be able to keep track of homes Im showing, better manage my zillow leads from my mobile device, request reviews etc. 

Just rented my house above Zillow estimates

I just rented 3500 Liongate Circle Modesto, CA 95356 today for $1350! Im very proud to say it was above the Zillow estimates. Zillow and were a HUGE asset and I recommend any Realtor or Property Manager take full advantage of the free service!

Why Zillow is not worth following


I wonder how many Zillow accounts were created by people who were just that pissed off they had to go online and get all keyboard crazy on Zillow. 

Buying a home without going through a realtor


Sure a buyer doesn't typically pay for a Realtor however this is a For Sale by Owner and there is no guarantee that the seller will pay a buyer's agent fees. The buyer should become familiar with the title/escrow process and have an Escrow Officer who is willing to hold their hand through the process. I just bought my own home a few days ago and even as a Realtor it is stressful. I couldn't imagine doing this myself if I wasn't educated, trained and had years of experience under by belt.