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Bathrooms - updates


Thank you! We have completely updated, repplumbed & remodeled not only those two bathrooms, but another one on the third floor, as well. Here's the scoop:1st floor bath: remodeled 2006/07 - has a shower with hand-crafted tiles and plate-glass, frameless door, pedestal sink w/ tiled bowl & new one-piece Kohler toilet -- all in beige/earth tones.2nd floor bath: this is the lilac-walled one, which was completely redone in 2005. The toilet & sink are Kallista models, imported from England. The bath, which we re-enameled, is original (1934) to the house. All plumbing and lighting is new. The tiles are hand-set black & white. In addition to the tub w/ handset, there is a shower w/ new wider door. New wooden window is double-paned and features privacy glass.3rd floor: This bathroom was redone in 2004. It has a huge shower w/ tiled bench and hand-shower attachment. Shower wall & door are frameless plate glass -- beautiful! Kohler Pedestal sink & toilet are new, as well. New wooden window is double-paned. Pocket door to maximize room space!

Original Hollywoodland Home at Amazing Price

Ours is one of the last authentic Hollywoodland homes developed in the historic Hollywoodland neighborhood under the famed Hollywood sign. Originally conceived in 1910 as European Village, Hollywoodland featured French Normandy, English-Tudor, Mediterranean revival, and Spanish revival architectural styles only. Today, just about anything goes, but the original homes - like ours - are considered works of art, with their elegant European craftmanship, attention to detail and use of fine materials. It's almost impossible to find one of the original homes for sale under $1.6 million. That is why this is such a rare opportunity for the right buyer. Our home is listed for only $1,169,000.Visit our broker, Bruce Walker @ or for more details.