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pumpsterdumpster wrote:

Property taxes for 2006 & 2007 at an assessed value of $160,000

I don't dispute the location is a real dump. But being a local, I know that this grey army barracks like building is brand new built after a vintage warehouse like bldg was demo'ed. Also, its surrounded by a real grungy section of an otherwise very trendy downtown Palo Alto. This building is surrounded by auto repair shops (3 of them in the vicinity), a TruValue franchise called Palo Alto Hardware store and the worst part of it: there's railtracks on the rear of the building bordering a very busy and noisy Alma Sreet that becomes Central Expressway. The rail tracks really ruin the living experience, you have Caltrain passenger and freight locomotives rumbling, thundering and honking by all hours of day and night. So all in all a really crappy location, but the inside of the condos are relatively nice if not a little dark since most of them have no access to skylights. A $Mill of for these does seem ridiculous. But the valley has a lot of ridiculously priced real estate anyway.
January 26 2008