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12/13/2014 - user090311
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $575K in Alameda, CA.

We couldn't recommend Quinn highly enough. We met him at an open house he was showing about two years before we were in any position to buy. While we were just starting to save and research and were in no position to start making offers, he still made us feel like we mattered. When we were finally in position to start getting serious, we immediately knew that this was our guy. Being first time buyers, we really needed a lot of hand-holding, having no idea what we were getting into. He was patient, always available to answer questions (no matter how basic they might have been) and never once did we feel like we were being pressured or 'sold' on anything. He listened to our needs, was up front about the pros and cons of any place we looked at, and was honest with us risks or upside to places we were checking out. While he's an expert on all things Alameda, he was equally effective in helping us out with properties throughout the east bay. Alameda was always where we wanted to be, and while we knew it would be tough to pull off, considering the prices there, Quinn was a miracle worker and just this week we were handed the keys to our perfect first home. Even though our initial bid wasn't the strongest, Quinn helped us through the counter-offer process and we came out on top. Buying a first home is admittedly a nerve-racking experience, but he had our backs and was there every step of the way to answer questions and keep us calm. If you're looking for an honest, patient, available, and no BS partner in the house hunt, no need to look further!

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07/31/2014 - foundog
Bought a home in 2014.

My favorite thing about Quinn initially was that he had absolutely no creepy salesperson vibe. This remained true throughout the process and made it so pleasant to talk to him through all the emotional ups and downs and stress of trying to buy a home but as we worked with Quinn over several months, I found his other qualities - patience, professionalism, responsiveness, and honesty - became my new favorite things about him. He was absolutely great - beginning to end. And in the end we had our first offer accepted - for just a little over listing price - in a market that felt like the real estate version of The Hunger Games.

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Response from Quinn on 08/07/2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!



07/25/2014 - user6935276
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $375K in Las Palmas, San Leandro, CA.

If you're looking for a great real estate agent, I HIGHLY recommend Quinn Stone. In May of 2013, I began my house hunting process tentatively, not sure if I was really capable of buying a house in the Bay Area. A friend recommended I talk to Quinn because she and her husband had a great experience with him in finding their home. Quinn's knowledge and expertise in every aspect of home buying was exactly what I needed. Quinn was very supportive of my wants and needs. He introduced me to an amazing mortgage broker, Garrick Werdmuller, who helped me understand exactly how much house I could afford. When we viewed houses, Quinn looked out for me and pointed out the negatives and positives in each of the many homes we toured. Finally, Quinn helped me stay positive throughout the multiple bidding neccessary in the Bay Area. I found my perfect house in a mere two months! Call Quinn Stone to help you find yours!

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Response from Quinn on 07/28/2014

Thanks Lori!



07/06/2014 - jrpaule
Bought a Townhouse home in 2013 for approximately $550K in Alameda, CA.

My wife and I bought a Townhouse in November 2013, and we decided on working with Quinn. Being first time homebuyers, we wanted to ensure that the realtor we chose would be able to fully assist us in the various steps of buying a home. Like everyone, we were stressed and elated to decide on making this major financial and emotional commitment of buying a home. Throughout the process, Quinn answered all of our questions thoroughly, reassured us when we struggled with our doubts and fears, and remained a rock when we at times became frustrated about the process. We did SUCCESSFULLY bid on our home! Woohoo! Quinn was invaluable to us, and again, he was always very responsive, professional, and understanding (even when I openly expressed my frustration about the process towards Quinn). Quinn referred us to numerous resources: our loan officer, an excellent home inspector, an asbestos removal company, locksmith, and an HVAC company for our furnace. We were happy with our experience with Quinn. If you want a quality realtor with knowledge of the area, thoroughness, and confident/calm demeanor, then Quinn is the one you want!

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05/18/2014 - dkingspix
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in San Leandro, CA.

Quinn Stone is a very professional realtor with a relaxed style. A pleasure to work with, his calm demeanor should not be mistaken for casualness. He is thorough and realistic about home sales/purchases in the Bay Area, specifically Alameda and San Leandro. We dove into the Bay Area Housing Market without any experience & Quinn took the time to give us information step by step on the home buying process. Once we decided on a home, Quinn worked with us to insure all went smoothly from the inspections, through the title searches and negotiations. After we closed on the house, Quinn continued to make sure all was as it should be even after we took possession. We highly recommend Quinn to anyone in need of someone to guide them through the home buying/selling experience. He definitely goes the extra mile and all with good grace and humor. It was a real pleasure having Quinn handle our purchase.

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02/17/2014 - user758577
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $650K in San Leandro, CA.

My husband and I worked with Quinn to buy our first home. After casually going to open houses by ourselves, we decided we wanted to get more serious about buying and needed to find a local agent. When we asked listing agents how they evaluated competing buyers, one of the things we kept hearing was that the reputation of the buyer's agent mattered. We did some research online and found Quinn. From the first time we met, he put us at ease about the home buying process. My husband was overly excited about every home we saw and I was overly cautious - if we had been left to our own devices, we may have never come to a decision. Quinn was a great agent and talked us through each of the homes we looked at. He was laid back, low pressure, and very knowledgable about the local market. He provided excellent guidance on how to get the home we wanted while taking care provide balanced feedback by pointing out things that we should keep in mind. We found a home we both loved and Quinn helped us submit an offer with a 21-day close (that happened to span both Christmas and New Year's). Quinn was able to get various inspectors (general inspector, roof inspector, electrician, pest inspector) scheduled in record time. We had all of the reports we needed to make an educated decision on whether or not to remove contingencies. Even though our close was short, we never once felt like the transaction was stressful or out of control. Quinn had it handled. As a result, we now have a wonderful home in a neighborhood we love. We highly recommend working with Quinn.

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01/28/2014 - kateshmeyers
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $925K in Alameda, CA.

With the help of Quinn Stone, my husband and I recently bought our first house in this nutty Bay Area housing market. As renters here for 15 years, we had been real estate "lurkers" for a long time, getting increasingly depressed about the prospects of successfully buying a house that we would actually want (i.e., not a total dump). When we finally decided to take the plunge and get serious about buying, we called Quinn after hearing about him from a friend and then meeting him at an open house in our old neighborhood. From the start, Quinn just seemed like a nice, down-to-earth guy with a lot more knowledge than us about how to buy a house -- instead of that common "I-will-make-a-fat-commission-when-you-buy-a-­house-so-hurry-up-and-buy-a-house-any-house" feel that one gets from some realtors. Quinn was a calm, thoughtful presence in all our discussions about the kind of home we wanted, the kind of home we didn't want, and what we could realistically get for our money. He was honest and matter-of-fact (but gentle!) when advising us that a house we were interested was going to go way over asking price and therefore out of our stated range (and damn it, he was always right). While he is a popular agent with lots of clients, he returned e-mails promptly and managed to get us in to see every house we wanted to see in a timely way. He advised us on the steps we could take to be competitive in a multiple offer situation (or if someone else was offering cash) -- basically to do as much upfront, and quickly, as we could for a house we were really interested in (do our own inspection in advance of making an offer, get underwritten in advance from the bank, etc.). He helped us get a variety of tradespeople in before the offer date on a house we really loved and were seriously interested in, to give us estimates on improvements we knew it needed, to help us make a financially realistic offer. With all this support, we actually managed to buy that house we loved -- the first house we made an offer on -- even though it was a multiple offer / counteroffer situation. We feel really thankful that we had Quinn on our team -- he is knowledgeable, frank, responsive, and really seems to understand what a stressful and mind-boggling process home-buying is in the Bay Area, especially for first-timers, and dissipates your own crazy with his calm attitude.

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01/14/2014 - user7395515
Sold a home in 2013.

We were lucky enough to have Quinn Stone help us sell our home, and I cannot overemphasize how incredible he was. We had moved out of the area prior to selling our house, and Quinn made what could have been a stressful experience incredibly easy. Quinn handled everything for us without complaint or difficulty. We did some repairs, improvements, and staged the house, and Quinn got us several bids, negotiated with the vendors for better deals, managed the work, and kept on top of everything. He prepared a detailed calendar of what to expect and when to expect it, and he stuck to it. We also think he did a fine job of marketing the property, provided us expert advice, took our opinions into account, and then executed masterfully. Our house sold for over asking price, and went off without a hitch. He is respectful, knowledgeable, professional, and really darn nice. If you are thinking of buying or selling a house, Quinn is your man!

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12/28/2013 - jshullgonzalez
Bought a home in 2013.

If we ever purchase or sell a home again, we will definitely work with Quinn. We met Quinn on our first weekend looking at homes in Alameda. We enjoyed chatting with him so much that when we finally decided to move forward with purchasing a home we contacted him. We could not have been more happy with our decision.

Quinn is one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. He is what everyone wants in an agent: accessible, intelligent, reasonable, never pushing you into a home (in fact, often dissuading you from homes that are problematic for a variety of reasons).

This was not our first time buying a home and the contrast between Quinn and our former agent could not be more stark. Quinn was always incredibly objective and thorough - whether it was reviewing dozens of inspections reports or meticulously culling bids to make sure we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Whether you are buying your first home or consider yourself a sophisticated buyer, Quinn will not disappoint. He listens to what you want and works hard to find it for you. And who knows, you may even make yourself a new friend. We sure feel we have.

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12/18/2013 - ibjimgood6
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $725K in Alameda, CA.

I highly recommend Quinn Stone. He was the island of calm in the huge process of moving, selling and buying. Quinn marketed our house in the correct publications, in the right way and with the correct timing that got our house sold. And it sold way over listing. In large part due to his recommendations to do certain work, hire a decorator and many other things that I would never have considered.

I trust him and at no point did I ever feel that he was not working at all times on my best interests. He negotiated the sale of our house and the purchase of our new house. We sold very high and bought low. We just had our first party at the new house and he was first on our list to have over.

If you need sell or buy call Quinn.

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