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Trying to get financing or rent to own


I would call a USDA office and speak with them regarding this. if you had a job set up already there thats in the same line of work as you are currently in then they will use that job as your work history usually. Rachel

What is the average time to close a VA loan? FHA loan?


The lender needs to step it up a notch. unless their are specified and required repairs on the property then it should take no more than 45 days to close on an FHA or VA loan. its all in the paperwork shuffle. good luck!Rachel

What is the best way to list land for sale??


The best way to list land for sale is either list it with a real estate agent OR list it for sale by owner. that is what a realtor gets paid for upon the successful sale of property. they should advertise locally and via the internet to bring potential buyers to your listing.if you list the land for sale by owner this will be your responsibility. you wouldnt want to sell cars yourself and get paid upon the sale of the vehicle and then have someone else have thier hand out stating that they told them about the car? give one person the responsibility and let them do the work or take it on yourself. if your agent doesnt do the proper steps in marketing your property or isnt available when you need them, find one that will.....good luck!!Rachel