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How much should a realtor advertise? Are Zillow and MLS enough? Other websites? Real Estate guides?

Bethany,At least 90% of buyers start their home search online. Knowing that, I do all I can to market a home primarily on the web, using video tours, YouTube, Craigslist, Google, Yahoo,, and at least 60 other real estate-related web sites. Much of a homes' marketing is done through syndication. (That's when a property is linked to on multiple web sites and portals by entering the home information once. The syndication tool does the rest.)In fairness to your agent, when a home is placed on the MLS, it is automatically shown on and most probable that agent's company sites, who may also use syndication.In my case, I create a separate page on my site for each property, that includes information about the home or land, map links to Google and BIng, a PDF file that can be downloaded, a custom video tour of the property, and more. It's a lot more work, but it helps get the word out about a client's property in the fastest manner.Hope that helps answer your question.
July 09 2010
Does Zillow require REALTORS to disclose if a home is for rent or for sale?
I've had several consumers email and ask about properties found on Zillow, because the List Price was so low. Was it for rent or for sale?Now, anyone in real estate knows that if a property was available for just $1,300 - it would never be advertised on Zillow or anywhere. An investor would snap it up in a heartbeat! Especially homes that look good in the photos, and appear habitable.In fact, I just answered another email I received this morning about this problem. Yes, the property is listed on the local MLS (I checked). However, it is listed on the Rental side of the MLS only. The home isn't for sale. But that's not how it's represented on ZIllow, hence my question.Is this just an issue where there's no way to indicate that a listing is - in fact - a rental? If so, maybe Zillow can update the site so that a property's status can be correctly displayed to the public. That would be good for everyone.
July 09 2010