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01/13/2015 - evabrendel
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $200K in Plainfield, IL.

Lanita really took good care of us and made it less stressful as a seller. She is extremely knowledgeable of the area and was able to sell our house quickly. I would recommend Lanita because of her expertise, responsiveness and her negotiation skills were fantastic. I would use Lanita again.

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Response from LaNita on 01/14/2015

THANK YOU so much! I really appreciate it!



01/08/2015 - evandsamom
Sold a Multi Family home in 2014 for approximately $125K in Crest Hill, IL.

I've worked with LaNita twice, once as my buyer's agent and this time as my seller's agent. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is in need of an honest, efficient, hard-working realtor for any transaction. I think what makes working with LaNita most satisfying is that she truly looks out for your best interest. She is successful, so she doesn't need to influence or coerce anyone in order to get sales to go through. She will give you her honest assessment of your situation and recommendation for pricing, her tips to make your home most marketable, and her professional expertise on how to handle offers on your home. She's efficient. Most of us don't have time to spare. Adding buying/selling a home to our already busy schedules can feel overwhelming. LaNita will communicate with you in a way that never leaves you hanging waiting for information that you need. She'll give you clear instructions on anything that needs to be done on your end. She's assembled a team of professionals, but she doesn't push them on you. They're there if you choose to use them and each one that I've met and utilized has been as professional and honest as LaNita. Do yourself a favor when it comes time for you to find your next home or sell your current property. Make the entire process easier by calling LaNita.

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Response from LaNita on 01/14/2015

WOW! What a review! Thank you so much and I'm so glad I got to meet you and help you and glad we are staying in touch!!!!!!



01/07/2015 - Neffer5
Bought a home in 2014 in Crystal Lawns, Joliet, IL 60435.

We decided to work with LaNita after some friends worked with her and loved her. And, we did too! She was so patient with us and answered all of our questions and concerns. She helped us make decisions that we would have never thought about when buying a home. She is amazing and we know we would not have found a better Realtor."

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Response from LaNita on 01/09/2015

THANK YOU!!! I appreciate the nice compliment and loved working with you guys!!!



01/07/2015 - KIrojasfam
Showed home in 2014 in Joliet, IL.

LaNita is a very knowledgable and enthusiastic realtor. She is not afraid to walk into a house and point out all things that might be viewed as negative and positive. She speaks her mind, regardless of what it is, and this was all very helpful to us when we started the process with her. We loved that she was casual, relatable and seemed very honest. We went out with her once and saw about 5 houses in one morning. We then decided we needed some time before looking at houses again. We contacted her a second time about five months later, and she replied immediately, very flexible with her schedule to look at homes again. We again saw maybe 6 homes in one morning, and then a quick one home viewing one afternoon a few days later. We really liked one house in particular, so we scheduled to see that one home again. She asked via email if we'd like to see a few more with it, and we agreed, and also at that time asked her to open up our search area to include another specific town (the next town over, in fact) we wanted to look into. It was at that point she changed. Although we loved how casual she was, there is a difference between casual and unprofessional. She replied via email to us,"You guys! You guys have GOT to figure this stuff out before we view homes! OMG! Please don't take offense but I've taken you out 3 times and you are still adding areas? This is NOT how this is done, OK?" She then proceeded to tell us that we had to decide where we wanted to live before viewing homes. That is why I am giving her a 1star on process expertise. Part of the process of buying a home is deciding where you want to live- and part of deciding where you want to live for some people is going and looking at homes in those areas. When we went out with her that 4th time, she told us 'apologetically' she would not take us out anymore because she didn't feel we were serious buyers (we have excellent credit, were pre-approved, are conventional buyers and did not need to sell before buying- we were serious buyers, we just were not rushing into anything).

LaNita made us feel like we were very unusual buyers in that we had to go out to see homes more than 3 times before making a purchase. She mentioned every time we were out with her that, "75% of [her] buyers make an offer the first time they are out," and once even made a comment jokingly, "if that's what it takes to get you guys to finally buy a house," as if we had been out with her a dozen times already. After that last (4th) time out with her, I contacted LaNita to thank her for the time she already spent with us, and also to tell her I felt her last email was unprofessional, that she made us feel guilty for wanting to see more houses, and that we felt she was pushing us to just go ahead and buy already. She completely ignored all of the concerns I expressed and just wished us luck in the process, telling us we were great people. The part that is most discouraging is that we told LaNita how her comments made us feel and she never even acknowledged it, but hid behind what felt like fake compliments. She was done with us so it didn't really matter.

LaNita is very knowledgable in her area, and very responsive in her emails. She is a great salesperson. But I would not likely recommend her because not only did she make us feel that we were doing something wrong and fail to acknowledge there are different types of buyers, but when I brought this to her attention, she totally ignored it. A good professional who truly cares for their clients would have at least addressed these concerns once they were brought to her attention, and I have a hard time recommending someone who wouldn't. If you are simply looking for a quick purchase, or if you are looking in a higher budget range she is probably right for you (we were looking for $150-175,000 and I am tempted to think we just weren't worth her time). She told us we would never find a house under $200,000 in the area we later wanted to add, and she did not want to show short-sales because of the hassle and mess that sometimes goes along with it. After changing realtors, we found a house for significantly under $200,000 in our price range (in the area we had asked her to add later), that was a short sale. It took a couple months to go through, but we closed on December 1st 2014 and now have a beautiful home in a great location that never would have happened had we stayed with LaNita.

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Response from LaNita on 01/07/2015

The last corresp. w/Iggy Rojas & Kristen DeBellis-Rojas - MAY 10, 2014!!!! We dec'd to part ways after I took them out 5x's & I was told on the 5th time "We aren't looking to buy until Dec". It was then I dec'd that I can't work w/them b/c since they live at home w/her parents, they have all the time in the world to "tire-kick" and "window shop". I have 2 children & work 60hrs wk & couldn't keep showing them house after house.... when they told me on the 5th time "We won't be buying for another 7-8 months." The last email I sent said "No prob & seriously good luck w/evrtyng w/you guys and I mean that. You both are both awesome & good people." And she's criticizing me? So a little after 8mo's, this is what Kristen dec'd to do? As for price range, I have closed 152 homes in the 9 yrs I've been a Realtor for under $200,000. This accounts for 70% of my business so Kristen is WRONG. Sad that a teacher (who should know she can't please every parent, like me every buyer) would do this.



01/02/2015 - pfmacha
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $300K in Plainfield, IL.

We had interviewed one realtor before meeting with LaNita. She immediately impressed us with her knowledge and professionalism. She answered every question we had and made suggestions as to what we needed to do to prepare our home for sale. We made the necessary improvements and put our house on the market. Thanks to LaNita we sold it in TWO days. She worked tirelessly with us to ensure that the sale would go through without too many hassles. You would have thought we were her only clients! When the buyers home inspector found many items needing repair, LaNita had a different inspector review our home. As a result it cost us $1000 to make the repairs. When the time came to appraise our home LaNita worked with the appraiser to our advantage. Her advice was always spot on and we appreciated her extraordinary efforts to get us the best deal. We would not hesitate to recommend her to any prospective seller or buyer.

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Response from LaNita on 01/14/2015

Thanks Pat and I will be down in Florida this summer and Jason and I want to meet you and Frank for lunch! I'm jealous that you are enjoying nice weather and I'm dealing with all this snow!!!



12/09/2014 - user39027416
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Plainfield, IL.

LaNita was invaluable in helping us decide what to do with our house that had depreciated terribly in a shaky market. Her knowledge on alternatives for those who owe more than the house is worth is what helped us make a decision, and she helped us through the burdensome process with the bank. She works tirelessly and I greatly appreciate her help with the bank and everything else.

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08/11/2014 - sharoninva
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $325K in Winfield, IL.

I very much enjoyed working with LaNita. She was very knowledgable about issues to look for in prospective homes and quick to point these things out. Due to various circumstances it took several months to find and write a successful contract on a property but she kept at it.

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08/03/2014 - mdiazteach
Sold a home in 2014 in Minooka, IL 60447.

LaNita is very knowledgeable and has a level of expertise that I have never seen in a realtor. This is the 4th house I have sold and this house sale was by far the easiest sale process because of LaNita. She gave us pointers on staging the house to prepare it for the professional photographer. I feel that the staging LaNita helped us do was what really made the house sell quickly. She went through the house room by room with me and told me exactly what to do, put away or change. LaNita really knows the real estate business!

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07/25/2014 - JimTeach
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $225K in Plainfield, IL.

Lanita was awesome we sold our house in 2 days. We did what Lanita asked us to do to get our house ready to sell. We had a good amount of traffic in the short time span and we were offered full amount after two days on the market. It was the best experience selling our house thanks to Lanita

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07/14/2014 - user06318440
Bought a home in 2014 in Idylside, Joliet, IL 60436.

When I first met/talk to LaNita she sounded very energetic, and eager to get to work! However our house hunting had started a year later, nothing due to LaNita just had to clean up things on my end. She told me from the start that she can get things done she did accomplish. Upon resuming contact with her a year later, it was just like we just talked two days ago. To my delight she was a breath of fresh air. We was blessed that are house buying experience was extremely easy.(praise to the The Lord) thank you No major setbacks or minor, thanks to LaNita, Melissa, Vanessa and all that help in are house buying experience. I would recommend LaNita thanks for everything!

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