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Why has my home dropped in value?


A lot of times if they have been any short sales or foreclosures in the area it can lower the home values for a subdivision or a area. I might take some new sales to raise the values again.....Ricky

How do I find a builder?


Check with your local Home Builders Assoc. in the area or ck with the Chamber of Commerce both of these should have information on local builders in the area'sRicky FreemanBroker/ Vision Real Estate, LLC.[website removed by Zillow moderator]

Home Value versus Home features???


One of the biggest things i tell my customers is to look at long term value, age of home, last time updated, and is area growing. This should tell you if your new home will go up in value are go down. In this market home prices have stayed low and you should see some increases in the near future.Ricky Freeman Broker/ Vision Real Estate, LLC.[website removed by Zillow moderator]

What do you do about bogus contact information?


Some agents are lazy. try Google then put in local realtor's for the area you are trying to find. then you should have some luck. Ricky Freeman Broker/ Vision Real Estate, LLC[website removed by Zillow moderator]