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No luck with real estate agents


Oh my goodness...what you've described is one of my pet peeves with real estate agents...and I am one!  An agent's job is to work FOR YOU...plain and simple.  The search criteria should be generated by you and followed by her/him.  I hate for you to have to go through another agent, but if this person isn't meeting your needs, there are many more out there.  Even with the first phone contact you should get a good idea of personality and focus. If she/he isn't focused on you and your needs, move on.  Best of luck to you!

Is it too late to involve a buyer agent?


Sounds like the agent at the townhome really wanted to get you to move forward right away.  It's completely understandable (and wise) for you to take a step back before signing anything or giving them a deposit.  While situations may differ state to state, you should be fine to engage a buyer's agent.  After all, it only makes sense for you to have your own representation if desired.  Best of luck to you!

How can I withdraw a listing?


The listing agent may need to go into his/her zillow account and post the new listing.  Hopefully that will switch it from FSBO to the broker.  If that doesn't work, contact zillow directly.Hope this helps a little,Jane

What should sellers review on their closing documents?


The most important document to review is the HUD-1 statement.  The form is divided into  sections for the buyer and seller.  Obviously you're only concerned with the seller side.  All seller costs and credits will be in the columns on the right side of the pages.  Be forwarned: the HUD-1 can be confusing to read, so ask plenty of questions if you don't understand something.  Also, I always advise my clients to get out their calculators to double check the math. (It's not impossible for a mistake to be found.)You'll probably want to review the deed and lien waivers as well, although they are often standard forms.  Hope this is helpful.Jane