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how much did home prices rise since jan. of this year


By no means.  Every market is individual in RI real estate and depending upon where you LIVE, the neighborhood and condition of home all determines whether there is a price rise.  Many communities in RI have had a small decrease in price since last year, some have had a rise.But you will need to be more specific on your address location to get a true view of what has happened.  Remember Providence had many foreclosures which are not as plentiful anymore.  Thereby prices in many areas have increased.  Just remember it is location & condition that determines true home price rises.Hope that helps. 

I am retired military, and I qualify for a VA Home Loan. I also know that my county


Hi EG,I will tell you that you will do better with a credit union that may portfolio the loan on this one.  I have had good success with most of you deal with any?  I would try Coastway Credit Union right near where you live and speak with the mortgage lender there, Christian.   Helped many clients out on the seller or buyer side of loans.They can make things work where other brokers can not.  If you need a number, shoot me a message.I am in no way affiliated with credit union but have seen what a good job they have done for homeowners.  best, Ginny Gorman

Apparisal came too low.Help


Paul has clearly stated it.  But I would be more diligent as the homeowner to ensure the town has signed off on the 4 bedrooms and you real estate assessment reflects it.  Have something signed by the tax assessor to give to your lending officer.  I did this with one client that missed a bedroom and it satisfied the lender.  It should work for you too.  The assessor has the ability to do this now and you should not have to wait a few months.Above grade should not be the problem if all bedrooms are such.  Good Luck.

Best ways to show proof of funds, need ideas.


Since I have seen some flippers move money around in their statements I ask for a consistency letter from the Bank officer and sometimes have the Regional manager sign off.  Depends upon the amount.  Know they customer is the ultimate word and will they close immediately.

Broker Open House Ideas...


I do wine and cheese and assortment of goodies...also with a drawing and if  I do it with other realtors everyone puts their business card in a bowl.  We give restaurant dinners out for the lucky winner.  It always draws a good crowd.. best of luck.

is it poss. to trade equities for a home you like ?


To transfer title of equities you do need to sell them, pay your capital gain (loss) and then use that money to buy.  There are ownership rules regarding trading stock.  Talk to your investment person or stockbroker for further detail.  Have not seen this done.

How do I reduce the price?


Give it a day or two to pull to the zillow listing correctly.  If not send a support ticket to zillow is your best bet.

Newport, RI: agent said some homes were pending when they were not. Why?


I would suggest that you work with a Realtor who you know and knows you well.  It is difficult to respond when I don't really know what transpired here.  Interview agents and decide on one you feel meets your needs, understands what you want, meets the price level you can afford by being pre-approved by a mortgage lender and explains why a home is not available to be shown.There are many agents in Newport that will fulfill your needs well.