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risserboling wrote:

My single family home is listed as "2 units" and it is not. How do I get this fixed? This is not t

Yes, this is my home, and please delete the duplicate. Thanks.
October 27 2012
How do I remove "All Units in Bldg" from my single family home @ 28370 Blarney Lane, 60010?-2nd requ
My single family home @ 28350 Blarney, Lake Barrington, IL is displaying as a multiple unit building (this is a recent change).  How do I fix this to revert to the correct single family home?  I posted this question on 8 Jan. with no reply as yet.
January 15 2009
How can I get a double entry off of Zillow for my single family home?
My home is listed twice with two separate zillow ID#s.  How do I eliminate the duplicate entry which showed up a few months ago?
January 08 2009