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ritual 6988 wrote:

Work History for getting a home loan
I have been a member of a Union for 23 years, but have been unable to work regularly for the past 4 due to personal reasons that I don't want to go into here, so I have very little recent work history. My wife has been at her current job for a little over 3 years, she makes 52k a year. My question is, should I put my Union job on an application for a home loan because of the long history, or does that not matter because I have nothing significant to show for the previous 4 years. I'm still registered with the Union & keep my dues up, but last year (2012) I only worked a total of about 6 weeks & this year I've only worked about a week so far (just enough to keep my name on the roster), I didn't work at all in 2010-2011.If I don't list my job (basically saying I don't have a job) will my wife's employment be enough for us to be able to get a loan? I know there are more things involved in getting a home loan, and I've found a lot of good information online about the process, but this is one thing that I could not find anything about, so I'm hoping that somebody will be able to offer some insight.
October 04 2013