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Rosie Nysaether wrote:

if i make an offer on a BMR unit, how much should i offer above asking?

It depends on the list price.  BMR unit price ranges are set by the city.  Example: a 2 unit condo may range from $300-$333K.  In a down market (or buyer's market), the seller may need to list his unit in the lower range to compete with the market.  In a rising market ( seller's market), he may list it at the top of that range.  He may not, however, list it AND sell it for more than $333K.  You can check with the city's BMR department and find out what the range is, and this should help you determine what to offer.Rosie NysaetherHighland Partners/Better Homes &
January 17 2013

Has anyone in the SF Bay Area used a REDFIN agent? Any comments on pros & cons.

There are a few Redfin agents in the Oakland area, working mostly with buyers. While I would welcome an offer from their agents and happily work on a transaction, I don't see too many Redfin agents on broker's tour, which is when agents preview new listings and learn of new inventory.  Also, local agents have local knowledge which benefits their clients -- everything from understanding the construction of our older homes to local ordinances and closing costs.And because real estate is very "local," in a cometitive offer situation, a RedFin Agent may not be as favored over a local, experienced agent.  A listing agent may be more comfortable being in contract with someone who knows the local customs and practices which will help ensure a smooth escrow.On the plus side, if the Redfin agent is good, experienced, knows the local market... and you feel comfortable with his/her style, then I think that would weigh alot in working together. Hopes this helps...
August 09 2011