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As part of the Zillow CM Team we help both our CS Director and our Community Relations Specialist with the community relations effort at Zillow and assist them in site moderation.

After graduating with a Business degree, Double Major - in BS Economics and BS Marketing, I also attended some Real Estate Courses/Seminars in my quest to also be a Professional Realtor. During my free time am also a volunteer for NGO's, one with a Legal Aid Advocacy serving as a Mediator promoting "Speedy Justice" through amicable settlements of cases. The other NGO, helps Street Children discover more options in work, study and play to have a better life.

Being part of the Zillow E-mail Categorizing Project, we were in the middle of all the excitement generated by Zillow during its historically "controversial" launch, 2/8/2006. We saw first hand the impressive public response and feedback generated by the innovating presence of the Zillow Beta site within the real estate community.

Am honored to be part of the Zillow Family, in creating a caring global real estate community of good neighbors.