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What happends if I paid for appraisal and inspection and my loan doen't get approved? Do I get reimb


When you are buying a house you get prequalified by your lender, but you don't get a full approval until you find the house you want to buy, the appraisal is done and the lender/bank does verification of employment, verification of deposits among other things. Very often undisclosed personal information that you didn't think it was important could affect your chances of getting a loan, such as child support or IRS liens, judgements, deposit of cash into your bank account that are not traceble, to name a few.  So to answer your questions...can you be reimbursed and who reimburse you.  Most of the time you can't get reimbursed. Therefore, make sure you disclose everything regarding your financials to your lender before you pay for anything.