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seelz1 wrote:

Zillow and why they should not be considered for any information.

I get it... I have tried to ask for info on how to change the home facts as zillow recommends for a more accurate home zestimate but the site will not allow it. WTH... The options were to ...A. hit the back arrow and try again ( that went on for another five attempts) B. there may have been a problem linking me to the page( well... OBVIOUSLY... jerks) and C. Try logging in to!!??!? What the F*#@! site do they think I AM ON. You are the first and last person I will waste my time on this site for... strictly because I agree with your stress level. I wonder If legal action is necessary. We should start a class action law suit against them.... Damn the money, I just want answers!! JUSTICE. They post my house as being built in 1940... It was built in 2006!!!!! Maybe its just me but that's ridiculous. The zones are all wrong too... they have my house listed as the one across the street... and the lots are not accurately sized. I have upgrades but can not upgrade my damn facts to inform anyone. Whatever man... I, hereby, BOYCOTT ZILLOW... 
July 06 2011