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My house is for sale


Your agent should make sure that your home is posted on as many sites as possible. Have him/her check to see why it is not on Zillow and then post it there, as millions of people use Zillow as their primary home search site.

Should I keep my home.


If you have a million dollars in the bank, you may not be able to do a short sale. I think you will have more control of the situation if you consult with a real estate attorney and with your tax consultant and make your decisions from an informed standpoint.

What is recourse for unethical behavior by a for sale by owner seller?


As others have said, the owner is not bound by a code of ethics as Realtors are. Had your agreements been part of the contract, then it would be a case of breach of contract and you might likely be able to take legal action (of course, you should check with an attorney about this). Verbal agreements in real estate are worthless. Unless you must have this particular home or it is too late, find another home! You never know what else has been misrepresented.

Purchase agreement question


Perhaps you could blank out your buyer's name and any other information you don't want them to see.

581 Moraga Rd, Moraga, CA


Gabriel--You should contact one of the buyer's agents listed next to the property. Take a look at their reviews and profile and choose the one that seems a good fit for you to work with. I am sure one of them would love to help you make an offer! Good luck!

I'm unsure that my realtor is being honest-help!


Unfortunately, I agree with the other answers here. If the piano was not in the contract, it did not belong to you. If your agent already purchased it from the seller, it is too bad that she is not being forthright about it, however, it is really a moot point. Also, I would give your agent the benefit of the doubt and not assume she is lying to you. Maybe the listing agent bought it! Look for another piano to buy and be happy that you got a house because most buyers can't find one right now!