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Why would an agent show up to a listing appointment without looking up the comps first?


I actually had a seller tell me that they did not like the fact that I went into the listing appointment with a price in mind.  She said that my competition  came in, took a lot of notes about their improvements and told them they would go back to the office and crunch the numbers and come back in a day or so.  They liked that and actually picked that agent!  I found out that it was because they did not like that I knew the price before I even stepped inside.    I told the seller why and how I can do this.. that their home is just like the comps that I brought and that their new tile floor is NOT going to get them $20k more than what their neighbors home sold for.   I know the market cold and don't need a couple of days to let is swirl around!  I would think that they would want an expert!