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Jumbo loans 15% down no PMI


10% down is fine. We have products that have one loan at 10% down or the traditional 80-10-10.Would be happy to discuss either.

Quit job before closing


Good Assumption. When the mortgage company figures out why they cant sell the loan, the loan will be audited and they may  come back to you knowing that you quit prior to closing and didnt inform the lender. You signed lots of paperwork including an updated application that had you employed. Your signature is on that so presumingly you have committed mortgage fraud.

Looking for options to upgrade home in MA


If you are able to put down 10%, then a piggy back might be the way to go.  Please contact me through my profile to discuss what rates and payments might look like.

Financing question


Its possible but with no visible income it may be difficult to find.  You should check with some local banks and credit unions. Sometimes a smaller HELOC amount will be approved on your credit score only.

Condo complexes in Arlington that require owner occupancy.


Which is why when you are looking for a property, you will want to know that owner occupancy ratio.  Low owner occ can (not always) mean the place will look run down, tennants may not care about trash and upkeep, and tennants may not be as respectful of neighbors.Good luck in your search and get preapproved!!