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My home is fully remodeled and we are asking way below what other similiar houses are going for. Why


Real estate is extremely regional, so not knowing where the house is located, it is tough to be definitive.  However, if you were asking that question about a home in the Stowe /  Lamoille County area, I would suggest we look at relevant recent sales and determine where they are selling in relation to their town assessment, in combination with a study of sale prices per square foot and the amount of acreage.  Additionally, there could be a need to stage the interior, or address the curb appeal - 50% of buyers make their decision to buy a home (or not) when they drive in the driveway, although this decision can be swayed once they enter the home...

when buying a fractional ownership condo... can we have same 13 weeks each year?


Fractional ownership differs from project to project...  Village Green is the only Stowe property in Stowe offering 13 weeks of ownership per year: 1 week every 4 weeks, on a rotating basis.  For example, if you have the Christmas week in December 2012, you would have the week after Christmas as your December week in 2013.