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sheila cheney wrote:

Our last estimate dropped slightly. What do you think the market will do in the next 6 months?

Well Diane the market is going into the quiet time of the year so all things considered it should stay the same or go down slightly.  Another wave of forclosed properties is coming on the market which drags the rest of the market down.  Hope spring eternal and the spring market will soon be here alot is in the confidence of the consumer.  Let's see what Congress is doing about the tax cuts and see if the confidence of the USA can continue this climb out of the recession.  Good Luck.
December 02 2010

my realtor suggests offering full price then waiting for the appraisal to come back lower is this ok

takeaway82  you must feel comfortable with your contract price just because the appraisal comes back lower doesnt mean the seller has to take it.  Your agent should have a feel of the comps and you discuss and then go with the price you feel the house is worth.   Good Luck!
November 17 2010