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Our inspection package provides you with knowledge about the status of the major and minor systems of the home. It provides details relating to the types and integrity of the structural components, construction methods, ages of systems and equipment, operational function of items and components of the home, areas of potential problems, and recommendations for the future. It provides peace of mind ensuring you that when you move into your new home you are aware of its current condition, good or bad, and gives you the needed confidence that you are making an intelligent and informed decision about your home purchase.

Within 2 days you will have a full written report, in a narrative style, detailing our findings of necessary repair items, safety issues, and general information regarding your intended home. We use digital photography to document our findings and include pictures of pertinent items in the written report which, depending on the home, may be 25 to 40 pages in length. We also include a smaller written repair report (2-3 pages) which is ideal to pass along to agents, repair persons, or other involved parties. We deliver the reports by mail, fax, e-mail, or through our website.

Review your reports thoroughly and ask questions of the inspector if clarification is needed. The report should list any items that are in need of repair/replacement. Be sure all of your concerns about the home are addressed in the written report. Sometimes repair costs exceed the monies that have been set aside for repairs and you may be forced to make some decisions. Work with your agent to plan your next move. Your report gives you knowledge and how you chose to use that knowledge is up to you. If repairs are done, take advantage of our free follow-up inspection to ensure that they were done properly.
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