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How can I get a selling price for my home


The best way is to contact a local real estate agent and request a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). The agent should be able to advise on the local market trends and inventory levels. If selling your home is in the near future, good luck!

this is Bayside not FLUSHING ---terrible mistake, i grew up in this house so I KNOW!


Queens is a great place to live. Queens however can be confusing when it comes to the towns within. When you write out an address to other towns in the adjacent NYC metro areas, usually the county is spelled out in place of the city such as Bronx, NY ; Brooklyn, NY ; Staten Island, NY and New York, NY. When it comes to Queens, for some reason the towns are written out such as Bayside, NY ; Jackson Heights, NY ; Whitestone, NY just to name a few. I believe historically there were only three cities in Queens County which were Long Island City (LIC), Jamaica and Flushing. LIC encompassed Western Queens, Jamaica encompassed Southern Queens and Flushing encompassed Northern and Eastern Queens. Since Bayside is in North Eastern Queens, your home may be coming up as a Flushing address based on historical records for your home. Hope this helps in clearing up any confusion.

listing agents in rosedale, NY


Rosedale is a great area to live in Queens county. Close to shopping, easy drive to north Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island. You can even ride the Long Island Railroad and be in Penn Station in about 30 minutes!



I sold a building on the corner of Stillwell Ave and Mermaid Ave 1 block away from the theater about 2 years ago when they were talking about bringing Disney into the area. Can you imagine a roller coaster as tall as this building? I have not heard any recent news about Disney in Coney Island but it's great to know that NYC Landmark and Preservation Commission is giving landmark status to this building in an area thats rich in history and full of childhood memories for all New Yorkers!