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lanscaping a haf acre backyard - 3500$ is it too much?


Hi Homesr- I concur that $3500 is way too low. A single 2.5" caliper (10-12') dogwood would typically run around $325 installed. A contractor's overhead for a full landscape crew might run $1250 to $1750 a day, so he has to account for this in pricing his project. There's no wiggle room in that budget for the labor, plants, topsoil, mulch, vehicles, transit time, etc... You might want to consider upping your budget to the 10-15k range for what you are looking for. We are out of your service area, but you might also consider hiring a professional [self promotional hotlink removed by Zillow moderator] your design fees might run around $500 for the scope of your project (typically applied towards any work that is done).