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Home Depot


My experience with Home Depot is keep it simple and they will not disappoint. Products are fine but the service sucks. I used Home Depot for replacing my garage door. The service technician had the customer service skills of a ... dunno, but they were bad. Recently, I had a front door on special order and it came in 5 weeks late. They discounted it but then when it was delivered the person was alone. He dragged the heavy door over my driveway and chipped the door frame on the bottom. I have yet to find out if it repairable.

Home Siding - What is best?

I am getting siding put in before the Fall but am hearing a lot of conflicting information on siding products.1) Hardi plank - I've heard that cement board products can absorb water much like LP siding of the past. Yet I've also heard it is extremely durable. Which is it?2) Vinyl - inexpensive but can warp but is low maintenance. Limited color options and can not be changed (for some this is important).3) Cedar (lap or shingle) - Costly and requires regular maintenance.Want to exclude resale value as a concern - I plan to stay in my home.