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How do I buy a house on this site?


Most of the homes listed on Zillow are listed by local Realtors, so the best way to go about buying a home would be to contact a Realtor in the area and ask for their assistance. Then they will assist you in finding the property and negotiating the best deal for that property.I would be happy to assist you in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email through my profile.Have a great day!Staci MordewFickling & Company

Relocation Agents...How do I choose?

When moving to a new location, how do I know I am choosing a good agent? First you should ask friends and family what realtor they suggest, even in your home town. This realtor can often help you find a realtor in your new location, and this service is Free to you, the buyer. Second, interview the agent over the phone. Ask them about schools and utilities, ask them what areas should you not purchase a home. Look for "Relocation Specialist"  in their credential, these agents have taken the time to take a class on helping buyers who are relocating. Finally, look for experience...not necessarily real estate esperience, but someone who understands the process of relocating. Many retired military or military spouses have gotten into real estate, they know what you are going through, and can be empathetic to the situation you are in. Be aggressive in finding your Relocation Realtor, they will be your lifeline over the course of the move.

Is this home for sale??


There is no house in your post. If you email me the address I will get the information to

A house we are interested in is being sold by the builder. No realtor is involved. Suggestions...


First, have you asked the builder if they are willing to work with an agent? If they are not, I would become somewhat suspicious of their motives. They may chose not to hire an agent themselves, but should be willing to work with a buyer's agent. A buyer's agent should also be willing to take a smaller percentage commission, since most of the leg work is done. I have a builder that I work directly with, if I can be of any assistance to you please feel free to contact me directly.[Contact information deleted by Zillow moderator]

Can I negotiate commissions if I find the buyer?


You can always negotiate commissions, it will depend on the agent and broker if they are willing to work for what you want to offer. You can also ask an agent/broker to work for a flat fee. It all depends on the situation and the market in your area. Good Luck