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sporque1 wrote:

Chances of Closing on Time (November 1st)

Thanks for the advice! Going to wait and hear back from my L.O. on what to do.  I don't see why the sellers wouldn't extend the closing for us sense we've been patient with them. Would just hate to lose this house because they decide not to be flexible with the closing.
October 17 2013
Chances of Closing on Time (November 1st)
    We've had a purchase agreement since Sept. 9th. Part of the agreement was the seller put on a new roof, which they didn't do until October 6th. Our Loan Originator was unable to send everything to underwriting until the appraisal was complete  and the appraisal couldn't be done until after the roof was put on.      By the time the roof and appraisal were done we were right in the midst of the Government Shutdown around October 9th.  Fortunately it looks like the shutdown is over tomorrow.     My only worry is mainly the required 4506-T form an SSN verification that still needs to be done for underwriting and I'm not sure with the backlog how long it will take? How long does it usually take and how long should we expect those forms to come back from the IRS?  What are the chances of still closing November 1st? 
October 16 2013