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Real Estate Training in WA and FSBO questions

Hi,I am considering selling my house FSBO in the next couple months.I am interested to learn & possibly get a real estate agent license so that I know all the processes.  (I understand I don't need a real estate agent license to sell my house by owner).  But, if I am getting into it, why not get a license, right?  I might be able to use it in the near future, who knows.My 2 questions:1) What is/are the best Real Estate training school in or around the Everett/Lynnwood areas?  I prefer evening/weekend instructor's led classes.2) What is the best FSBO listing website(s) in snohomish/king county?Thank you.

Buying a 2nd home as primary - complicated situation

Hello,I recently bought a house (5/2012) in Everett,WA with 20% down payment (conventional loan).  Purchased price was 250k.  I've done a lot of upgrades since I moved in + there were a few houses in my neighborhood recently sold for $290k, same size.  So, I think I have about 80k equity now.I've just received approval to work from home full time (telecommute).  I want to buy a bigger house in Vancouver, WA (approximately 280 miles away from where I live now) as primary home because we're expecting a few family members coming from abroad.  I have someone who will rent my currently house for $1700/month and my currently mortgage payment is $1217/month (tax + insurance included).questions:1) Can I get an FHA loan to buy a 2nd house in vancouver, wa?2) what will be the minimum down payment? (my mid FICO score is close to 690)3) if don't have enough cash for down payment, can I refinance my current house and cash out maybe 20k to use toward a down payment?NOTE: I had completed a short sale on my primary home back in February 2010 and it was a conventional loan.Thanks