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12/16/2013 - subydude180
Sold a home in 2012.

Steve has done multiple real estate deals involving the whole of my family and in every instance has showed a wealth of knowledge and dedication to each purchase and sale. He is very tuned into the wants, needs and limitations of his clients and works hard to satisfy all of those, sometimes, difficult to manage parameters

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11/30/2013 - tens2484
Sold a Condo home in 2013 in Manchester, NH.

Steve went beyond his duties as a realtor! I felt like I had a friend on my side who was looking out for my best interest! He showed the house several times to me, and if there were any questions with the builder, he made it happen!

Mary Hession

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11/13/2013 - user9972222
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $325K in Nashua, NH.

1. He is experienced in house purchase procedure. He is glad to assist me to prepare for all documents and provide all information I need. That is awesome 2. He has quick response to my request, such as to schedule an appointment to visit a house. He always respects my time schedule. Much appreciated. 3. He is nice and easy to get along with. If you like, he will always share his suggestions/opinions with you 4. He never pushes me to make an offer or whatever. I feel comfortable.

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Response from Steven on 02/25/2014

'You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time' :) Sorry Yu



09/30/2013 - user5643806
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $275K in Nashua, NH.

Steve was fantastic. We moved from out of town. He knew the area, showed us homes multiple times and was very responsive and patient. He negotiated greatly on our behalf and made sure we got the home we wanted at the price we needed. I would highly recommend you use Steve for your next home.

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09/26/2013 - user4685814
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $525K in Bedford, NH.

I highly recommend Steve as a realtor. I found him on this website, and chose him because of all of his terrific reviews. Steve is extraordinarily knowledgeable and honest, and all the reviews have proved true.

Steve helped my family buy a house in Bedford, NH. During our search for a house, we found ourselves in a bidding war. Given the charged situation, Steve could have persuaded us to increase our bid, but instead Steve encouraged us to remain firm at a lower bid (which also kept his commission lower). It was this situation that made us realize that Steve's integrity is beyond question.

I should mention that Steve is a hard-nosed negotiator. We lost the bidding war for the house, but when it came back on the market again, he negotiated a LOWER purchase price for us than our original bid. It doesn't get any better than that when it comes to good negotiations.

Steve is also quite knowledgeable about construction. Steve built his own home, so he really understands the internals of a house. This knowledge was invaluable to us during our home search. Steve was able to identify construction issues for us and provide sophisticated answers to our questions about housing components. I also noticed that other realtors ask him questions about home construction. He just "gets" houses and even his peers appear to appreciate that about him.

And, Steve is knowledgeable about New Hampshire. Steve really took the time to understand our family - he even "babysat" for my 4-month old son when we looked at houses - and helped us find a house in the right neighborhood for us.

You really can't do better than Steve.

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09/26/2013 - user76600112
Sold a home in 2013.

Steven is hands down the "best" realtor that I have ever had the privilege & opportunity to work with in order to get my home sold. The level of honesty, professionalism, passion and commitment he delivers on, makes him standout as the "only" realtor in the greater New England and New Hampshire marketplace that I would ever want to work with again. Steven's expertise both in sales and purchases of homes is second to none. Anyone considering a real estate purchase in New Hampshire should reach out to him first, as you will find you have made one of the best decisions of your life. - Dr. Daniel Baker

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09/25/2013 - user5907108
Sold a Single Family home in 2007 for approximately $350K in Bedford, NH.

Steve has been in the real estate business for a long period of time and has had years of experience in all areas. He is honest and works hard to find the right home for you. He went above and beyond helping us dealing with getting rid of an old refrigerator. I would highly recommend Steve if you are looking for someone who is honest and will work hard at selling your home and finding you a new home!

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11/14/2012 - ddc44
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $1.525M in Bedford, NH.

Steve recently worked with my wife and I in selling our house. Steve is a consummate professional, arguably the best real estate agent we have worked with. He was very helpful with ideas as we put the house on the market and extraordinary in marketing the property. He was also very open and honest in communicating with potential buyers (which is not always the case with realtors). I would strongly recommend Steve for either the sale or purchase of a home.

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11/07/2012 - pblair27
Bought a home in 2012.

My husband and I purchased a $350,000 home in Southern, NH. We were fortunate enough to work with Steve. His responsiveness is second to none (which is what originally drew us to him). In addition to this, and equally as important, he truly knows the market and understands the process. He never tried to push us into a sale. Instead, he always pointed out areas that could potentially be concerning down the road. He is in no way the realtor who is simply looking for a quick commission check. He genuinely cares about his clients. He is immensely accommodating and a true pleasure to work with. I will gladly recommend Steve to anyone I know is looking to purchase or rent in NH. We will definitely use him again, should we decide to buy or sell in the future!

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10/30/2012 - user3183562
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $225K in Manchester, NH.

My husband and I would highly recommend Steve MacDougall in searching for and in buying a home. He helped us seal the deal on our dream home--something for which we are grateful every day.

Throughout our search, which lasted for more than 4 months, Steve showed us house after house offering us tips and advice when necessary and pointing out important positives (and negatives) when asked. He responded to all our requests for showings or questions about properties quickly. He even set up showings for us in less than 12 hours.

His negotiations, quick thinking, and communication skills were the reason our offer was accepted. It was 11:30 p.m. on a Friday night and Steve, having considered the situation, made the decision that ultimately won us a beautiful new home. In the future, if we are ever in the need for real estate assistance, there is no doubt in our minds that Steve is the best person to help us achieve our goals.

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