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I have a home for sale and the price listed on is not current. When is the price changed


Your listing agent would have to update the listing information with their IDX providor. Please have him/her email me any time and I can walk them through the process.If you don't have a Realtor you would have to claim the home and update all of the information. List all of the ugprades done to the home. You can also provide your own estimate of worth.As always please contact me if you have any questions.

When pricing a house to sell how much does a pool add to the selling price?


The true worth is always perception. It depends on the appraisor. More importantly I've had many buyers that refuse to buy homes in Florida without pools.As Melissa stated, in ground pools with screened in patios will add true worth to a home. Most people will simply remove/fill in the others and put in a real pool if need be.

Credit bad


Most lenders have tightened up their lending criteria in the past 5 years. However a credit score of  620+ seems to be the magic area that lenders are willing to risk it for these days.Credit counseling is the first step if you don't meet this criteria. Always research before you hire/contact someone. I've run unto a few credit counseling services that were not experienced at all.

how do you refinance an fha mortgage ?


How long have you had your current FHA mortgage? Some experts say it's not worth the refinancing costs if it's not 1.5% lower then your current interest rate(if you factor in closing costs). These are all things to consider.