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Susan Gaddis wrote:

How can I correct a listing from home for sale to home for rent?
I need to change a listing that is posted for sale to "For Rent". How can I do that?
September 07 2012

Why do I get and outline when in the past I would get pictures and details of individual homes.

You may want to try right clicking your mouse and if the option is there to download pictures then select that option.
February 08 2012

Can you please delete 2 of the 3 listings for the property at 1331 S Keene Rd, Clearwater, 33756

I am not sure exactly what you are requesting from who.  Are you requesting this from a particular real estate agent?  I will be happy to help if I can.  Please advise.
February 08 2011

Does Zillow employ agents who specialize in buyer representatives?

The agents that you see on Zillow are not employeed by Zillow.  You will see agents that have listings as well as agents that pay to promote themselves via Zillow.  There is an accrediation - Accredited Buyers Representative that is offered by the National Association of Realtors - you may want to search for an agent that has this accrediation however not all buyers agents have this accrediation.
January 04 2011