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How do I post my home on Zillow?


I will list your home for $29.99 in realtors MLS and will post you for free on, please read here and call 630-995-2247 if any questions

Paid Foreclosure Listing Services


You do not have to pay for foreclosure sites. All foreclosures are in MLS right now and any real estate agent has access to them (even though not all agents want to deal with foreclosures - I know many clients told me their previous agent did not want to show them foreclosure properties). We do not know how often those web sites are updated and there was a lot of outdated information on them. I've personally tested some sites myself, before I bought my first investment property. It is really frustrating to drive long time to the house to find out that somebody else already bought it! Let me know what you are looking for, and I will set you up for auto updates for foreclosures directly from MLS database.

my listing agent does not subscribe to zillow. how can i make changes to the zillow listing?


Setting up feeds are very easy, instructions for brokers are on web site. It is your broker job to send your listings everywhere on the internet, If I were you I would demand that your listing agent shows your listing on (what they charge you for if you have to do all the work advertising your home yourself?)

1000 listing are stolen - PLEASE ADDRESS IMMEDIATELY

Hi, it is president of We have our listings stolen by broker named Charles Blumenkehl or there is a major bug in and they point to a wrong feed, I still try to figure out what happened to our listings. We have people complaining from all over the country that they did not allowed this agent to represent their homes. Our web site is for sale by owner and their listings should be under owners names. People post listings on but now on the website a realtor from New Jersey named Charles Blumenkehl appears as the agent with a link to contact him. I notice that this man has over 1000 listings. I contacted his agency, they said this broker is not in business anymore, they said that they contacted you about the problem and no actions by were taken Here is one of our listings: 369 Arbor Ct, Medina, Ohio, but there are much more Please contact me about this problem, it has to be resolved immediatelySvetlana,support@miadomo.comMiadomo.com630-579-0556